The Unstoppable Glam of Cara Santana

Cara Santana likes a challenge. The multifaceted beauty is the former CEO of The Glam App, which she also co-founded; a writer, and a familiar face you may have seen on ‘CSI’, ‘Reunion’, ‘Steps’, ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, or ‘Salem’.

Now, Cara has joined Glamsquad as their Global Engagement Officer, putting years of experience and love for fashion and beauty into creating a new and fresh perspective for the company. You can also find her on the second season of Starz’s show ‘Vida’, a Latinx hit with a predominantly female cast and production team.

 Have you met Cara?

Cara has always been strong-willed and determined. She decided she wanted to act by the time she was five and, at thirteen, she delivered a PowerPoint presentation for her parents, detailing why she should be sent to boarding school for the performing arts outside Los Angeles.

She left her native El Paso, Texas, when she was fifteen and while she continues to work towards a successful acting career, it seems she needs more on her plate. Santana has ventured into other projects and found different passions as a result.

Engaged to a fellow actor (Jesse Metcalfe), Cara soon realized that her unique access to red carpets, fashion shows and worldwide travel gave her a phenomenal vantage point which inspired her to create, a fashion blog where she discusses beauty, style and fashion trends from her perspective.

A Stroke of Genius

Have you ever wanted an app to help you finding someone to take care of hair and makeup during a fashion emergency? An app providing an Uber-like service of skilled beauty experts that can get you out of a jam in times of crisis. Well, that’s pretty much what The Glam App that Cara co-created does.

The idea was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, where the actress found herself stranded and unable to locate someone who could help her out of acrylic nails, fake lashes and hair extensions in 24 hours.

“I wanted to find a way to give accessibility to luxury beauty services at any time,” Santana explained to Forbes’ Yola Robert. “As an actress, I have developed relationships with so many hair stylists and makeup artists, so it made sense to create an equally advantageous platform for not only a consumer of beauty, but also a provider of beauty”.

The app was co-launched with stylist Joey Maalouf, allowing licensed stylists and makeup artists (who also have to pass a background check) to sign up and offer their services to customers in need.

In early 2018, Cara shared a post where she informed her friends, colleagues and stylists that she would be stepping away from her role as CEO.

Exciting New Opportunities

Fortunately, those partnerships paid off and it wasn’t long before she was approached to be the Global Engagement Officer for Glamsquad. The in-home, on-demand beauty app lets you book different services that come to you and set up in the comfort of your home. Or wherever.

Cara enjoys her new role within an industry that has taught her a lot. Instead of devoting all of her time to the company, she gets to collaborate creatively without having to sacrifice time to act, write or work on other projects.

GlamSquad’s Big Four

The brand introduced its makeup collection on May 16th, offering a small assortment of specialized products to keep up with the busiest days and give you the best with every single wear. All of them are vegan, cruelty-free and contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or mineral oil.

The products include:

  • AH-MAZING (a Setting and Hydrating Mist)
  • TAKE A TINT (a Lip Balm in Tint of Blush, Tint of Rose, Tint of Nude and Tint of Berry)
  • ENLIGHTENED (a Highlighter in Moonlit, Luminous Rose, and Radiant Bronze)
  • MORNING GLOW (a Radiant Face Primer)

 Catch Cara on ‘Vida’

The Tanya Saracho series tells the story of two estranged Mexican-American sisters who must come to terms with their mother’s true identity. Based on the short story ‘Pour Vida’ by Richard Villegas Jr., ‘Vida’ is one of the network’s biggest shows and has been praised for its inclusive cast and crew.

“The entire cast and crew are made up of over 75% women with the majority of them being women of color and half of them being LGBTQ,” Cara explains. “It is so refreshing and inspiring to see Hollywood making this shift after the “me too” movement”.



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