Four tasty cocktails to sample on a night out in Vegas

I’ll be the first to admit that my ideal night out has little to do with designer cocktails and caviar served table-side by a mysterious beauty at some dimly-lit luxurious spot tucked away in a Las Vegas casino (as is the case with the cool Mr. Coco at The Palms Casino & Resort).

It’s not because I don’t understand its appeal. I do, I’m not blind. And so when someone suggested checking this plush little spot out for a late-night drink, I decided to embrace both new experiences and the possibility of sampling a couple of fancy cocktails and went for it.

Going to this sort of place, with all its top-shelf liquor and countless cocktail choices, can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start. You don’t want to make the wrong choice. If you have a favorite drink, you’re good. You can probably get a delicious version of it that deserves a shot.

However, if you want to explore and sample some tasty beverages on your next night out, these are a few winning options that you can try on for size.

Mr. Coco Bar
The Palms Casino & Resort

Our Tasty Suggestions

Our first suggestion is that if you’re being offered a complimentary drink to start off your evening, don’t say no. It can introduce you to new and exciting flavors. I was rewarded with a champagne and berry “cocktail amuse-bouche” before I could even make it up into the Francesco Lafranconi-creation: the first win of the night.

The Truffles & Bubbles

There has to be a little decadence, right? Especially if you’re enjoying Sin City. If decadence is what you seek, then this cocktail is a perfect option for you.  The ‘Truffles & Bubbles’ has H by Hine Cognac infused with black truffle that’s expertly combined with St. Germain Liqueur, Pineau de Charente and Black Label champagne. That’s right. You. Own. Everything.

Negroni Bianco

Mr. Coco’s take on this crowd pleaser is deliciously fresh and made with Aviation gin (it’s the one Ryan Reynolds promotes and that’s always worth a mention, right?), Luxardo Bianco and Italicus liquor. This classic is a big favorite just about everywhere so you can’t go wrong with it if you like a gin drink with a kick and a hint of citrus.

Pimm’s a la Coco

This refreshing cocktail is a lot like the original Pimm’s Cup the world has grown to know and love –especially on hot days (and nights). It contains Pimm’s No. 1 Cup, Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint vodka, Fever-Tree ginger ale, fresh lemonade and a mix of fresh blackberries, cucumber and apple slices. Fruitilicious goodness for a warm night on the town.

Mr. Coco

Like the bar at The Palms, this cocktail is named after Lafranconi’s precious dog, the adorable Mr. Coco (and yes, that’s his face on the logo and coasters).

The cocktail is made with O.M organic coconut lychee liqueur, Cîroc coconut vodka, and Plantation XO rum. It’s rich and peculiar, making it the perfect option for those who like something a little sweeter.

But if you’re still not inspired by these options, you can explore other delights such as the caipirinha, mojito, pisco sour and, of course, the gin & tonic. And if you feel like making it extra special then you should definitely go for a timeless classic and treat yourself to some champagne. Maybe even a little caviar.

Osetre Caviar
Jeff Green

Piano Hits and Heavenly Drinks

Piano bars tend to be winners in my opinion. There’s just something about them. Something about being serenaded while indulging in delicious cocktails that is good for the soul.

The truth is that getting dressed up and going to a place like Mr. Coco might still not be my idea of a perfect night out, but I have found that imperfect nights often turn out to be perfectly enjoyable and full of surprises – which makes them better than perfect.

Like these drinks, those nights are wonderfully unique.

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Photo: Jeff Green

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