“It’s more difficult.” The challenge of losing weight after 40

When reaching our 40s the body begins to change. Thus, losing weight can be difficult but not impossible!

I fought being overweight. Eating with my thin friends was impossible, given my tendency to gain weight in the blink of an eye. And not to mention if I didn’t take care of myself.

But despite this, and after many hours of exercise, I managed to lose weight and stay in a silhouette with which, for almost a decade now, I feel quite comfortable (although, I must confess, I still need to achieve 100% aesthetic confidence).

It was precisely in that time of great descent, when I came across an acquaintance whom I had not seen for a long time. He was surprised with my new figure: ”You look so slim!  Try to maintain that weight. Being overweight at 40 will guarantee a belly.” I began to think.

After 40, going uphill

Apparently, women who had reached 50 were not wrong.

After 40, it would be easier to gain weight and harder to lose it than when one is younger.

This is due to changes in levels of activity, eating habits, hormones and the way the body accumulates fat, explains WebMD.

After blowing our 40 candles, we still count on excellent ways to lose weight.

Don’t give up!

Ok, I may have given you the ideal excuse to serve you a second piece of cake, order fries instead of salad or immerse yourself in a pot of ice cream. Not so fast, missy.

Fortunately, and despite how difficult it can be to move the needle in the balance, once the 40 candles have been completed, we still have excellent strategies to lose weight:

Step 1. Ask yourself why

The most successful people to lose weight are those that have a clear goal to achieve. “You need a mental awakening that prepares you to change. If you do not commit mentally, it will not happen,” warns Dr. Pamela Peeke, on Prevention website.

Step 2. Remember the golden rules

Even if certain things change after 40, the basic rules for losing weight remain the same: reduce the portion size, aim to lose between 500 gr. and 1 kg per week, DO NOT skip meals, adds Prevention.

Step 3. Healthy cooking

Many fats and extra calories come from the way you cook. Instead of frying or using a lot of butter, grilling or boiling food, WebMD recommends.

Step 4. Pay attention

Eating while you work, taking care of children or doing any other activity will guarantee that, sooner or later, you will end up eating too much. To avoid this, make sure to sit down at a table and focus on eating. You will help your brain know when it is enough.

Step 5. Move a lot

Doing the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity a day is a good starting point. But it is not enough. Aim to add 4 or 5 weekly sessions of resistance exercises, concludes Frances Largman-Roth, registered dietitian, consulted by Prevention.

What strategies do you use to lose weight?


Translation from the original in Spanish: Vanessa Sirias

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