New Urban Decay Summer Solstice All Nighter Collection

The new UD summer collection is here and we are putting it to the test. Find out what we think!

The summer launches continue! Urban Decay is killing it by launching new products back-to-back. The Urban Decay Summer Solstice All Nighter collection was just released featuring new products and others we’re already familiar with. This collection claims to feature their go-to products that avoid makeup meltdowns and keep your face intact. This is a BIG collection which includes : Urban Defense Primer ,  All Nighter Setting Spray , Eyeshadow Primer Potion , Fire & Easy Baked Eyeshadow , Perversion Mascara , Chaos & Psychedelic Sister Eyeliner and Perversion Liquid Liner . There’s a lot I got to tell you about these products so let’s dive in!

Let’s start with the primers and the setting spray. This is the first time I try this face primer and it made a great first impression on me. The product feels very lightweight and not greasy, which is always a big plus.

I have to let you know that the Urban Decay setting spray and eye primer have been a staple of my beauty routine. These two products are simply impeccable. I have been using both of these products for years now and they deliver good results. The eyeshadow primer is especially good if you have oily lids like I do. This primer keeps your skin matte, keeps your eyeshadow on all day and makes the colors look more vibrant.

The setting spray is a product that has never let me down. It seals in the makeup and helps oily skin stay matte. It is especially great for people with oily skin because in my experience, it decreases the amount of oil on the skin.

The Urban Decay eyeliners and eyeshadows never let me down with their pigmentation. The colors in this collection are definetely bold and are perfect for those who love to experiment. My favorite eyeshadow of the collection is “Easy Baked”. The golden tones in this product are beautiful and elegant. Honestly, I would use this shadow as a highlighter as well for a subtle golden glow. Both the eyeliners and the shadows seem to be long-lasting and do no smear easily.


Finally , let’s talk about the liquid liner and mascara. The Perversion liner works great and has a deep black tint. This liner is waterproof and will definitely not rub off or smear, perfect for a hot summer day in Miami . This is a liquid felt liner and the tip is incredible fine. Personally, I prefer a liner with a brush tip but the Urban Decay liner gives one precision and control.

The Perversion mascara is great but could be better. The mascara has a great dark black tint that adds length. The wand easily coats all my lashes to add color and volume. Although this is a great product, I would have preferred for it to be waterproof especially when including it in a summer collection meant to avoid any makeup meltdowns.


I created a look using all the primers, eyeshadows and the liquid liner. Overall , I would recommend this collection; it includes some incredible products. This is a well-rounded collection that covers everything you need to look your best for the summer.  Even if you do not buy the entire collection, I would highly recommend buying the primers and setting spray. Those are essential when dealing with warm weather and oily skin.

I was impressed with these products and cannot wait to see who launches the next summer product!

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